Making Sense of Big Data

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The Global Surface Summary of the Day (GSOD) is a weather data set from over 9,000 weather stations dating back to 1929. It was created and is maintained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and generates a daily summary of hourly surface measurements for 18 climate variables like mean dew point, mean wind speed, and min/max temperate.

This is a great data set to use for practicing visualizing spatial data since it has many stations across the globe with a relatively large time series to play around with. …

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Python is one of my favorite languages to work with. It is easy to learn, has an excellent selection of open source libraries, and has an extremely active and helpful community. Add all of this to how flexible Python is, and it’s easy to understand why so many developers around the world have adopted Python.

Python is also by far my preferred language for data science work. R never felt very organized to me, and Python’s access to machine learning libraries has historically been much better than R. However, when it comes to working with large quantities of data, Python…

Helium mining is currently very profitable, but will that last?

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I have seen a lot of interest in Helium lately, and I understand why! Helium is a relatively new blockchain network that is designed to create a decentralized wireless network for connected devices. It is both a very cool concept and a good opportunity to earn passive income by helping construct and maintain the network.

There are plenty of Hotspots that earn over $1,000 in a month, but will that last? With new Hotspots shipping in several months at a minimum, understanding how the network is changing is important. …

The Nvidia 3080 FE and other partner cards have memory junction heat problems, but the fix is simple

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The Nvidia 3080 and 3090 are fantastic graphics cards that have managed to genuinely impress the PC community with their performance. The success of these cards can be seen in how incredibly difficult they are to buy at retail price. However, despite the incredible performance, many of the 3080 and 3090 models suffer from thermal throttling due to the GDDR6X VRAM overheating. Luckily this problem can be solved at home with new thermal pads if done properly. …

Helium earnings can feel random, let’s take a look at two real-world examples with very different earnings.

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Helium is one of my favorite blockchain concepts. Providing a decentralized wireless network to connected devices addresses several major issues that exist in the tech world like monopolistic wireless providers, invasive data collection, and lack of coverage availability. The concept of a decentralized wireless network is not a novel one, however, an effective implementation of such a network has yet to be realized.

Helium is doing a lot of things right in building a decentralized wireless network. By leveraging blockchain with its novel…

ShibaSwap and the China crackdown have reduced the global hash rate, raising gas prices and mining profits.

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I have written quite a few articles about ETH mining this year since the popularity of mining has exploded with cryptocurrencies maintaining high values for several months. However, the 2021 crypto boom hasn’t been without its bumps, and the last couple of weeks have continued to be a rollercoaster for Ethereum with the Chinese government outright banning mining operations resulting in a major decrease in the network’s hash rate. …

Let’s break down how the payout structure for mining Helium works

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Helium mining is all the rage right now. With examples of people earning well over $1,000 per month worth of HNT popping up on Youtube, the internet has been blowing up with people curious if they could get in on the action. It is also full of existing hotspot owners trying to understand why some hotspots earn more than their own do. …

Helium is a blockchain network designed to provide wireless coverage to the masses

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Helium is a relatively new blockchain that is designed to create decentralized and public wireless networks. Decentralized wireless networks have always been my “dream” technology for a decentralized system. Some of the coolest technology that reduces friction in our daily lives is part of the internet of things (IoT), which relies on the interconnectivity between devices to function. The internet of things is made up of physical devices that contain sensors and antennas with the purpose of connecting with each other and exchanging information.

Many “smart” things…

Created By Author

I have been sharing a lot of interactive plots this year that I make using Plotly. For a while, Plotly’s chart-studio service was a good solution for me to upload my plots so that I could embed them in articles or presentations. However, Chart-Studio has a pretty aggressive 500KB size limit on their free tier. And chart-studio doesn’t have a transparent option to pay for larger uploads aside from expensive business plans.

I figured there had to be a better way to share the interactive web maps I’ve been making, and sure enough, there was! …

Hands-on Tutorials

Northern Hemisphere Brightness Temperature Image (Created By Author)

I recently wrote a post about how we can study snowpack using passive microwave imagery obtained from satellites. Using satellites to study snowpack unlocks information about regions that would be otherwise impossible to study, especially at large scales. On top of great coverage, the sun-synchronous satellites that carry passive microwave sensors take images of the poles at similar times every day. These consistent measurements make for incredible daily time series that date all the way back to 1978 with the launch of the Nimbus 7 satellite. …

Will Norris

Blockchain enthusiast and Earth Scientist. My background involves extensive use of python and machine learning to study snowpack.

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